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Tick Tackle Shampoo

Tick Tackle Shampoo

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Our natural shampoo that is mild on your dog’s fur and provides home treatment for ticks and fleas is a gentle and natural solution to tick and flea troubles it also fights dry skin and dandruff , it also leaves the coat feeling soft and easy to comb and can be used as a maintenance shampoo as well.


Purified water, EDTA, cleanser from refined coconut oil, cleanser from coconut fatty acid, aloe Vera, amla, neem oil, Kapoor oil glycerin, and oatmeal extract fragrance.

How to use

Wet the dog’s coat thoroughly with water. Apply a palm full of tick tackle shampoo and work up a good lather over the whole body reaching the skin surface. Keep on the skin for a few minutes.
Avoid snout, mouth, and eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Brush to remove immobilized ticks and fleas.

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