Who We Are

Elite Paws started out as a quest for the most quality products for my own furry baby- Zen. I was always a passionate dog lover. For me, there is no difference between them and the other human members in my family. And so, I would pamper Zen all the time, with big, expensive commercial brands. but to my horror, it left him sneezing uncontrollably and in a lot of discomfort.

Since then, I’ve been determined to find the best ingredients and create a blend of everyday pet products for Zen, and now for your furry friends too!

Meet Our Mascots!

About The Founder

I did my schooling from a boarding school in the UK and then went on to study hotel management in Switzerland. Coming from a family background of the wellness and hospitality industry, I was always drawn to learn more about spirituality and wellness for both, humans and animals. This made me enroll myself for a course in ‘Animal Communication and Healing’, ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ and other aromatherapy and alternate medicine courses.

I finally decided to follow my passion and love for animals to do something for their wellness. Being an animal whisperer and healer, I understand the importance of wellness for our sensitive pets and what is good/healthy for them.

My love for my furry baby Zen, inspired me to start Elite Paws - a brand curating premium wellness and grooming products as well as extend my services of animal healing and communication.

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